The Palmer Lake Economic Development Group (PLEDG)is a privately-owned non-profit corporation owned and managed by Palmer Lake citizens and business owners dedicated to growing the economic prosperity of the small and beautiful town of Palmer Lake, Colorado. Our mission is to increase sales tax and other forms of revenue for our Town as we build a strong base of revenue to ensure that our lovely and historical town thrives now and into the future.

Your donation will be used for money-making events organized by PLEDG, for printing and core administrative costs, such as website hosting and brochure design and printing, and for grant application fees. Our members and Board of Directors are fully volunteering owners of our non-profit corporation and do not receive a salary.

Thank you for donating, for supporting our mission, and for being a part of our team.


The Palmer Lake Economic Development Board of Directors

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, highly committed citizens can change the world.” Margaret Mead